Application Framework for .NET

Entity based application framework with true integrated enterprise server and distributed network support.

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Features and Functionality

A quick look into a few features of StrataFrame


Complete Entity Model Integrated Into Visual Studio

StrataFrame is an entity model that is completely and seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio. StrataFrame is an encompassing solution for all of a .NET developers needs handling each tier of development from backend to UX.

Industry Best Enterprise Server and Distributed Model Support

Our Enterprise Server is a simple to use, yet extremely sophisticated server model that allows an application to immediately move from client-server into a fully-optimized multi-tiered approach in just a few lines of code. And this is just the most basic and simple feature our complete Enterprise Server model.

Structured Queries

With just a few clicks you can turn any stored procedure and all of the results sets returned into a fully strong-typed entity and collection model. The stored procedure execution and results are wrapped by the StrataFrame entity model framework and will dynamically create all necessary classes as part of the mapping process. Existing entities can also be used if a known result type is being returned. Extremely fast, flexible, and drastically reduces coding issues related to weak-typed result sets.