A certified proprietary e-Prescribing solution that seamlessly integrates with PracticeStudio EHR and PM.


Prescription writing tailored to providers

Our ePresribing solution is unique, fast, efficient, certified, and is designed to work on almost any device style, including tablets, allowing real-time ePrescribing, even while doing your rounds.

Uniquely Designed

Most EHR solutions purchase a bolt-on ePrescribing solution and force it into their application.

RxWriter, on the other hand, is proprietary and written solely for PracticeStudio. This ensures a product that is designed for a perfect and seamless fit into the EHR. This allows us to focus on features and functionality that is tailored specifically to the needs of our users.

EPCS Support

RxWriter is fully EPCS (Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances) certified and undergone all necessary audits. This feature also ensures more secure processes in the sending and prescribing of scheduled drugs.

RxWriter also allows patient medication histories to be downloaded, even if the script was not originally sent by the provider, helping to prevent patients from being over-medicated

Formularies and More

Knowing the patient's insurance allowances as it relates to prescribed medications and co-pays is huge during the treatment process. Real-time notifications indicating whether the insurance company prefers the drug being prescribed or has a therapeutic alternative in mind can be priceless for the patient. Additionally, knowing other out-of-pocket details, such as the patient's co-pay, gives the provider real-time command when formulating the optimum treatment plan both medically and economically.