Clinic Management

We are more than just a software company, we own and operate our own clinics ensuring that our software is primed for the real-world

Practice Involvement

The Ins and Outs of Clinic Management

Knowing the needs of a clinic and the challenges faced by practices today is a major component in knowing how to help the marketplace with solutions like PracticeStudio

The Vision

After seventeen (17) years of providing EHR/PM software to health care clinics across the United States, MicroFour decided that to further improve our software and understand the pressures clinicians were facing we needed to own and operate our own clinic. In 2006, this venture began with a small facility with one (1) provider seeing twenty (20) patients per day. By the end of 2019, this has grown into an independent business with a multi-disciplinary and multi-clinic approach that utilizes the PracticeStudio EHR/PM software as its core software product to effectively process and care for its’ patients.


Grown Into a Large Practice

This independent health care practice now serves over twelve thousand (12,000) patients and two hundred-fifty (250) businesses providing twenty-two thousand (22,000) visits per year. Every area of the health care payment spectrum is represented from cash, concierge, group insurance, Medicare, occupational medicine, worker’s compensation, and wellness screening.

The Inside Edge

Being on the inside allows MicroFour to develop and improve the PracticeStudio EHR/PM software on an accelerated basis to meet the ever-changing demands of these third-party payors, governments, and certifying agencies while still maintaining ease-of-use and efficiency all while developing function to help manage staff and improve profits.


Improved Software and Features with Real Benefit

MicroFour has learned to not only think like software developers but also clinicians and staff. We learned that you can’t get too comfortable. We must proactively find ways of improving the software to provide meaningful benefits in the clinic or we will end up with a big problem: not making enough money to cover costs and allow the clinic to stay in business. Many people outside of health care think the way to increase revenue is an easy fix: just pack the daily schedule with as many patients as possible. That may not be a complete solution. Many clinicians already feel like they are rushing through patient encounters and burning out in the process. At MicroFour, our goal for the past thirty (30) years is to develop and improve the PracticeStudio EHR/PM software so clinicians can reduce treatment times and eliminate administrative headaches so they can see the correct number of patients while improving care quality and maintaining a work-life balance.