EPCS Certified

Making the sending of scheduled drugs safer, more efficient, and more secure by providing an ePrescribing solution for controlled substances

Prescribing scheduled drugs has always been a difficult process. But over the years, more and more government regulations on a state-by-state basis have imposed more strict rules regarding how these types of medications can be prescribed. PracticeStudio's RxWriter now has been 100% certified to send these types of prescriptions electronically.

This process is far more secure and integrates with many other features inside of RxWriter, making patient safety and provider protection our utmost priority. RxWriter has the ability to download a patient's medication history even if that patient has never been seen before by the provider. This dramatically improves patient care and provider protection giving the provider a heads up as to what the patient may be taking and saving the stress on the patient from trying to explain their current medications.