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Designed to help you get a day's work done in a day so you can get back to what is important...the care of your patients.

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Electronic Health Records

We are a one-stop-shop for your,
Complete EHR and PM Solution.

PracticeStudio is a truly integrated and seamless electronic health record solution managing every area of your practice. We do it all including medical records, practice management, appointment scheduling, document and media management, e-Prescribing, bidirectional lab interfaces, online patient portal, medical reporting, bidirectional text messaging, and much more.

Thousands of Clinics
all over the world.

Over 30 years of experience creating Industry-Leading EHR Software, with an ongoing commitment to innovative design and exceptional service.







What Are Some of Our Users Saying?

"You guys are always there! Support has never been an issue! Since back in the late 90's when we first began, not only is support always available but you guys actually listen!”

Dr. John Hayes Jr

“We know most of the employees that have been with the company and most of the employees have been with Microfour since we started and so we know them on a personal basis. They care enough about the company that they will be around a long time and so sustainability is really important.”

Dr. Sandra Johnson

"I always choose PracticeStudio! First of all maybe I'm biased about it but without the bias, I think it still continues to be a user friendly system, easy data entry, I'll definitely use it over any other system.”

Dr. Ghulam Aziz

“It has the ability to be individually tailored to every particular practice provider. There is a very easy way to enter data and the data entry in unbelievably easy and very self-explamatory.”

Dr. Peter Friedman

"I love the help support! I love the training videos! You guys step me through everything I need and if I ever have a question where I need to customize something, not only will you fix it for me, but you'll teach me how to do it!”

Carey Lowe-Curry

“I'm a multi-disciplinary and multi-location type practice. I do both Family Medicine as well as Chiropractic, and the software is easy enough to setup where I can switch hats quite easily. Its got an intuitive factor to it once you understand the concept of it, it works very well for me in the fact that I have two disciplines, it has multiple modules, and it all integrates very well.”

Dr. Don Webb

"The thing I liked the best is how far ahead you are from the rest. You're always coming out with new things, you're always on the cutting edge so I really like that and also the cost.”

Bob Hazard

“Every time you open the patient's chart, the meaningful use section opens up also, so you know exactly what criteria is being met.”

Dr. Saurabh Desai

Stop leaving money on the table.

Quit down-coding and let PracticeStudio help you get the most out of your practice by ensuring that you are billing at the optimum levels for your patient encounters

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